About the Event

This exclusive event is a celebration of the dynamic contributions made by  Indian Unicorns to the growth and development of our nation. The boasting of 100 plus unicorns is not a regular affair. Thus, CII Unicorn forum, under the leadership of Mr. Abhiraj Bhal Singh and Mr. Rahul Garg is Organising the CII Unicorn summit on 14th March 2024 at Newdelhi aimed to recognize and applaud the remarkable achievements of Indian Unicorns, particularly their noteworthy contributions to job creation and economic growth

The choice of the theme "Building the Nation: Indian Unicorns’ contribution unveiled " reflects the significant and transformative role that unicorns play in shaping the economic landscape of the nation. By showcasing their contributions, the summit underscores the importance of nurturing an environment that supports and accelerates the growth of these high-potential companies, thereby enhancing the nation's standing in the global business landscape.

The summit also aims to inspire and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, further fostering a culture of innovation and business development.

Join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the heart of innovation, entrepreneurship, and nation-building at the CII Unicorn Summit 2024.

Abhiraj Singh Bhal

Chairman Unicorn Forum

Co-founder , Urban Company

Rahul Garg

Co-Chairman Unicorn Forum

Founder, Moglix

Highlights of the Events:

Unveiling the Unicorn Report

Felicitation Ceremony

Fireside Chat with Founders

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Unicorn 2.0 - Adding the next trillion

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Unicorns to add $1 trn to economy by 2030, generate 50 mn jobs: CII study

Unicorns to add $1 trillion to economy by 2030, generate 50 million jobs: CII

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Unicorns To Add $1 trillion To Economy By 2030, Generate 50 Million Jobs: Study

Indian startups to add $1 trillion to economy by 2030, generate 50 million jobs: CII study