SKM EGG Accelerator Program

SKM EGG Accelerator Program


SKM egg products started the journey of eggcellence in 1996 with the state-of-the-art production facility comprising the best of technology and methods in line with the international level. SKM EGG PRODUCTS is one of the largest egg processing plants in Asia with a capacity to process 1.8 million eggs per day to produce 6500 tonnes of egg powder annually.


A sixteen-week accelerator programme that provides start-ups with possibilities for development and expansion as well as access to main partner mentoring, investors, alumni, and a networking platform. The opportunity to develop a corporate-ready solution will be given to the selected start-ups.

The benefits for Startups

Get mentored by senior executives

Co-create your solution 

Gain market access through CII CIES Corporate Accelerator Program

Attain a faster product – market fit

Opportunity to showcase your products and services directly to  leadership

Opportunity to get a paid pilot 


Process and Quality
System and Technology
Human Resources / Administration / Management
Process and Quality

Process and Quality

  • Process automation with enhanced shelf life in a cost-effective way for domestic products (Egg liquids &  Egg cubes)a) Existing shelf life of egg liquid is 45 days in tetrapack and egg white cube is 21 days.  b)Shelf life of egg liquids and egg white cube to increase so that it can be taken up on PAN India basis.  c) Process automation can be made to improve the process.
  • ­­Dissolution of Albumen powder with existing dryera) The protein drink /Sports drink were prepared using egg albumin powder. The dissolution of egg albumin powder is not complete when we reconstitute with water.  b) A stirrer or a shaker is required because of poor solubility.  c) We need to improve the process of drying / particle size for better dissolution.  d) the spray drying temperature to be altered and there will be decrease in capacity.
  •  Percentage of internal rejection to be reduced. Target <0.5%Our existing in house rejection is 1.5% and we would like to have ZERO rejection.  Major rejections are on Microbiological parameters.
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System and Technology

System and Technology

        • Implementation of the latest digital technologiesa) We have SAP in place. Traceability of food supply chain is planned with block chain technology integrated with SAP. Process equipments like pasteurizers and CIP are with SCADA.  b) Remaining process parameters /datas are punched in the system.  Reliability of data to improve.  c)  IoT can be thought off wherever applicable. 
        • Business intelligence - Extracting  reports from SAP - a) Data analytics and statistical tools to enable in SAP so that the report can be generated. b) Root cause analysis for the problem can be analysed in detail and CAPA can be taken appropriately. 
        • Foreign trade  & EXIM Policy - a) Updation of the international market information, the import duty details for the respective HS codes, import statistics to be known to us periodically. b) Any DGFT, Customs current update details coming through message CHA / Freight – Third party. C) How to Claim/ utilize Customs below scheme. ( Example : Remissions of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) 
        • Logistics and warehouse - a) Despatch schedule to be planned in advance and relevant documents to be in place. To reduce the cost of freight forwarder. b) How to reduce Export documents process through SAP

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Human Resources / Administration / Management

Human Resources Management

  • Skilled Manpower utilization in a cost-effective way.
  • Space utilization for the storage of finished goods in an effective way. -  Stacking one pallet over another results in bulging of cartons. Racking system planned but the storage capacitiy will be less
  • Hygiene Improvements & Pest Management [Houseflies]a) Door closures/openings/ air curtains/strip curtains are in place. House fly movement to be restricted. Insecticutors/pest-O-flash installed.  b) Hygiene to improve in high care and high risk areas.

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-> You have an innovative tech solution which meets one of problem statement.

-> Your business is a growth stage start-up or scale-up.

-> Your business has at least 2 full-time team members.

-> Willing to travel to the locations for implementation


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