CIES Startup Affiliation Program 
Certifying Growth, Connecting Opportunities

The CIES Startup Affiliation Program is designed to certify growth-stage startups, providing them with a powerful platform to connect with corporates, investors, and other key ecosystem enablers. This certificate acts as a beacon, signaling to investors, corporates, customers, and partners that the startup has been rigorously vetted and meets industry-leading standards. 

Why Join Our Startup Affiliation Programme? 

Platform for Growth: Robust platform for growth-stage startups to thrive.

Visibility Among Stakeholders: Create discoverability among corporates, investors, and industry leaders.

Handholding Support: Guiding and equipping startups with knowledge sessions and mentorship to become tomorrow's industry leaders.

Market Access: Mitigate product-market fit challenges by providing access to markets. 

Integration Opportunities: Foster integration with Indian corporates for mutual growth. 

Eligibility Criteria for Startups:

Registered Entity: The startup must be a registered legal entity.

Distinctive Competitive Advantage: Demonstrated unique selling proposition and competitive edge.

Revenue: Minimum 01Cr in the last financial year. 

Business Age: Minimum of 2 years in operations. 

Team Size: Minimum 05 full-time members (Including Co-founders). 

Key Benefits for Startups: 


Access to Stakeholders:

Connect with corporates, family offices and Investors.


Enhanced Visibility:

Boost your startup's visibility among key stakeholders.


Market Access:

Gain entry to markets through our flagship programs.


Expert Mentorship:

Benefit from knowledge sessions and mentorship by industry experts. 


Advocacy Representation:

Have a voice in discussions with regulators and policymakers. 


Showcasing Opportunities:

Exhibit your startup at various National and International Exhibitions.


Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan


Mr CK Ranganathan


National Startup Council

Expert Panel

Mr Vijaykumar Ivaturi

Cofounder & CTO,

Crayon Data

Ms Poyni Bhatt

Former CEO, 


Mr Munish Bhatia


India Accelerator 

 Dr Tamaswati Ghosh


IITM Incubation Cell

Prof. Srivardhini K Jha

Chairperson, NSRCEL, 


Mr Rajendra Bhide

Corporate Finance,

Forbes Marshall

Mr Raghuttama Rao

CEO, Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande 

Centre for Innovation & 

Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras 

Mr Sridhar Ramanathan



Mr Viswanadham Duppatla

Vice President,


Knowledge Park

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Is there a fee(s) associated with the Startup Affiliation Program?

Yes, only the recommended startups by the expert panel have to make the payment. 

Affiliation Fees Structure;

 Sr NoGross Revenue  Fees 
 1 ₹01 Cr - ₹10 Cr
₹2,000 + GST 
 2₹10 Cr - ₹25 Cr ₹3,000 + GST 
 3 ₹25 Cr - ₹50 Cr ₹4,000 + GST 
 4 ₹50 Cr - ₹100 Cr ₹5,000 + GST
2. What is the validity of the certificate?

The certificate will be valid for 24 Months from the date of issuance. 

3. At what stage startups can apply for the Affiliation Program?

Growth stage 

4. What sector startups can enrol for the Startup Affiliation Program?

 CII CIES Affiliation Program invites applications from all sectors (Agnostic)

5. What is the timeline for availing of the Startup Affiliation certificate?

The timeline is 30 days from the date of application

6. Does this Startup Affiliation entail CII Membership?


7. Can a startup get a physical copy of the certificate?

 No, Although the startup can download the copy from the affiliation portal.

For more details feel free to reach out to Mr Nishit Sharma at