Building capacity for a stronger startup ecosystem

Creating strong enterprises

In today’s fast-changing and competitive world, entrepreneurs need capacity-building to develop the skills necessary to perform betterCII-CIES is working closely with startups and other stakeholders such as corporates, family offices, startups, governments and academic Institutions – to increase their ability to contribute to a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Building capacity of startups
Startups are usually high on ideas, energy and passion but fall short when it comes to business fundamentals that support sustainable growth. This why a very small percentage of startups actually make it big despite having revolutionary ideas. The Centre uses different approaches to build the ability of startups realise their potential:
  • Masterclasses by industry experts on issues related to funding, marketing and processes
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Cohort-based entrepreneurship programmes
  • Resources such as toolkits and frameworks
  • Entrepreneurship Programes

Building capacity of enterprises

Enterprises, especially big ones can play a crucial role in fanning the entrepreneurial zeal in the country. It makes businesses sense for them to do so. For example, the startup community is a rich source of ideas, innovation and research - inputs that big businesses with agility issues need. Startups on the other hand lack the equity, infrastructure and processes that the big players have. Collaboration can result in a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. We help corporates build their capacity to engage better with startups:
  • Masterclasses by industry experts on issues related to funding, marketing and processes
  • Cohort-based intrapreneurship programmes
  • Resources such as toolkits and framework


Masterclass for C-Suite Executives (3rd Edition)

24th June, 2022

Family Office Cohort

9 February, 2022

Masterclass for C-Suite Executives (2nd Edition)               

27 & 28 January, 2022

Masterclass for Family Offices 

19th Nov 2021

Masterclass for Government Officials

17 December 2021

Masterclass for C-Suite Executives 

15th &16th Sept 2021

Student Entrepreneurship