Corporate Accelerator Program

                                               Elico Accelerator Program


A sixteen-week accelerator programme that provides start-ups with possibilities for development and expansion as well as access to main partner mentoring, investors, alumni, and a networking platform. The opportunity to develop a corporate-ready solution will be given to the selected start-ups.


Get mentored by  senior executives

Co-create your solution

Gain market access through CII CIES Corporate Accelerator Program

Attain a faster product – market fit

Opportunity to showcase your products and services directly to leadership

Opportunity to get a paid pilot 


Water Quality Monitoring
Monitor Health of Poultry
Gender Characterization of Chicken Eggs
Water Quality Monitoring

Indexing of Water Quality Data from Multiple Products & Regions:

Water monitoring projects often involve collecting data from various sources and regions. The challenge lies in indexing and organizing this data in a structured manner to enable efficient retrieval and analysis. Startups participating in the accelerator program can develop innovative solutions that automate the process of indexing water quality data. This could involve creating standardized data formats, implementing data management systems, and developing algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies in the data.

Data Visualization and Self-Service Business Intelligence:

Data visualization plays a crucial role in making complex water quality data understandable and actionable. Startups can focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly data visualization tools that allow stakeholders to explore and analyze water quality data easily. Self-service business intelligence tools can empower decision-makers with real-time access to relevant data, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive operational improvements. These tools should provide interactive dashboards, customizable reports, and data exploration capabilities

Predictive Analysis:

Predictive analysis utilizes historical water quality data to forecast future trends and potential risks. By leveraging machine learning and statistical modeling techniques, startups can develop algorithms and models that predict changes in water quality based on various factors such as weather conditions, pollutant levels, and geographical parameters. These predictive analytics solutions can assist water management organizations in proactively identifying potential issues and taking preventive measures to ensure water quality and environmental protection.

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Monitor Health of Poultry

Monitor and Control health of Poultry

 The corporate accelerator program with ELICO focuses on seeking startup solutions related to monitoring the health of poultry. ELICO is interested in advancements that enable the assessment and control of poultry health through the detection and analysis of physical and metabolic parameters.


Physical Parameters:

Startups participating in the accelerator program can develop innovative solutions that monitor the physical parameters related to poultry health. This can include the use of sensors, imaging technologies, and computer vision techniques to detect and analyze various aspects of poultry behavior and physical well-being. For example, startups can develop systems that track movement patterns, feeding behavior, vocalizations, or other indicators that provide insights into the overall health and well-being of the poultry.


Metabolic Parameters:

Monitoring the metabolic parameters of poultry is crucial for assessing their health and well-being. Startups can explore the development of sensor-based technologies or IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to detect and analyze metabolic parameters such as water consumption, feed intake, excretions, and gas emissions from the hens. These solutions could involve the use of smart feeding systems, water quality sensors, waste management systems, and gas sensors to provide real-time data on the metabolic activities of the poultry.

Data Analysis and Insights:

The collected data from physical and metabolic parameters need to be analyzed and transformed into meaningful insights. Startups can focus on developing advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning models that process the gathered data to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and predict potential health issues. These insights can help poultry farmers and veterinarians make informed decisions regarding the health management of their flocks, including early detection of diseases, optimization of feed and water quality, and ensuring overall well-being.

Remote Monitoring and Alert Systems:

Incorporating remote monitoring and alert systems can significantly enhance poultry health management. Startups can design solutions that enable real-time monitoring of poultry health parameters from remote locations. This can include wireless sensor networks, cloud-based data storage and analysis, and mobile applications that provide farmers and stakeholders with immediate notifications and alerts regarding any abnormal or concerning changes in the poultry's physical or metabolic parameters
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Gender Characterization of Chicken Eggs

Gender characterization of chicken eggs

Elico needs a portable device/sensor to identify the gender of chicken before hatching. Rapid and Non destructive characterization gender of chicken eggs. Develop a portable sensor that can accurately determine the gender of chicken eggs at an early stage of development. The solution should be non-destructive to ensure the eggs remain viable.

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The corporate accelerator program with ELICO focuses on seeking startup solutions related to hydroponics and aeroponics. ELICO is interested in advancements that enable real-time monitoring of plant growth, pH levels, water nutrient quality, and other key parameters. The goal is to collect valuable insights to optimize plant growth and sustainability through predictive analysis.


Real-Time Monitoring:

Startups participating in the accelerator program can develop innovative solutions that enable real-time monitoring of hydroponic or aeroponic systems. This can involve the use of sensors, IoT devices, and automation technologies to track and collect data on various parameters such as temperature, humidity, pH levels, nutrient levels, and water quality. Real-time monitoring allows for immediate detection of any deviations or issues in the growing environment, ensuring timely adjustments and optimization for plant growth.


Data Collection and Analysis:

Accurate and comprehensive data collection is vital for optimizing hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Startups can focus on developing data collection mechanisms and software platforms that gather and store data from multiple sources within the growing environment. This can include sensor data, nutrient solution composition, growth rates, and environmental conditions. Additionally, startups can develop analytics tools and algorithms to process and analyze the collected data, providing key insights for growers to make informed decisions and optimize plant growth.


Optimization of Plant Growth:

The collected data and insights can be leveraged to optimize plant growth in hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Startups can develop intelligent systems that provide recommendations and automate adjustments based on real-time data analysis. This can include optimizing nutrient levels, adjusting pH levels, controlling environmental factors (such as light intensity and temperature), and managing water usage. By continuously monitoring and optimizing these factors, startups can help growers achieve maximum crop yield, improve resource efficiency, and minimize wastage.


Predictive Analysis and Crop Sustainability:

Startups can utilize predictive analytics techniques to forecast plant growth, nutrient requirements, and potential issues in hydroponic and aeroponic systems. By leveraging historical data and machine learning models, startups can develop algorithms that predict optimal conditions for plant growth and sustainability. These predictive models can assist growers in making informed decisions about crop rotation, nutrient management, disease prevention, and overall system planning to ensure long-term sustainability and maximize crop yield.

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-> You have an innovative tech solution in the domain- water quality, poultry, Hydroponics/Aeroponics any of the problem statements.

-> Your business is a growth stage start-up or scale-up.

-> Your business has at least 2 full-time team members.

-> Willing to travel to the locations for implementation

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Programme Timeline

  1. Application for cohort open

  2. Shortlist Startup Interview week 1

  3. Announcement of selected Startups

  4. Demo day

  1. Application for Cohort close

  2. Shortlist Startup Interview week 2

  3. Programme commences for first cohort


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